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                                                                                                     (AEA) recently played Lulu Sherman, otherwise known as the loser of the friend group, in the feature film, KILLINGTON starring Sophie Sumner, for which she won "Best Actress" at the Days of the Dead Horror Festival in Atlanta.  In late 2021 she also filmed RETREAT!, a feature length mockumentary in which she plays a musical Wiccan love potion making instructor at a couples retreat which is also in post. She's a New York City based actor (New York University) and is trained in the Meisner Technique (MCS Studios). If you don’t cut her off, she will likely repeat you. She’s also really good at crying in public and usually at the wrong time. She’s probably doing it now. Nikki has been mentored by comedy greats, Richard Kline of Three’s Company and Eric Kornfeld of Bette Midler fame. Her most notable recent achievement is her voiceover work for the role of “Jizzman” in the porn parody, Alladick which garnered an AVN nomination for best soundtrack. But she can play serious roles too. Seriously.

Nikki MacCallum

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This is a biogram of Nikki MacCallum. What’s a biogram, you say? It’s a video that tells you a great deal about Nikki in a short time. And who doesn’t want that??
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