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by Nikki MacCallum


is a coming of age memoir that compares the challenges of running a marathon to the struggles of growing up as an only child with an alcoholic parent. 

MacCallum’s father ran thirty-two marathons and was also a recovering alcoholic. After he suffered a near-death relapse, Nikki ran her first marathon as a Hail Mary Pass to save him. DRY RUN has 26.2 chapters, each representing a mile of that marathon. With a foreword by the legendary Jonny Podell, DRY RUN was released by Auctus Publishers in May 2019 and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in select book stores. 

The audio version of the memoir (featured on, produced by Tony Award Winning Lambo Productions LLC., was released in 2021 and can be found on Spotify and ApplePodcasts.  It is an exact transcript of the book, and was released as 26.2 episode podcast, narrated by Nikki, and features a cast of fifty Broadway and television stars.  

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“Bravo! There were so many lessons here –
I admire MacCallum’s honesty; she spared herself very little, and in the end, emerged a winner.”
— Barbara Delinsky, Author of 23 New York Times Best Sellers
“I have always admired Nikki’s talent as a singer. Now, having found her voice as a writer, she is indeed ‘Ms. Unstoppable!’”
 — Donna McKechnie, Tony Award winning Broadway actress (A Chorus Line), Author of Time Steps: My Musical Comedy Life
“The story is told with humor, grace, wit, and self-knowledge, and is essential reading for anyone growing up under less than desirable circumstances and anyone who loves to run.” 
— Mary Allen, Author of The Rooms of Heaven
“Inspiring and empowering…Nikki’s poignant story of her father’s battle with alcoholism and her own battle for self love illustrates how running has the power to heal, transform, and save lives. In DRY RUN, Nikki captures the essence of the relationship between life and running, showing us that ultimately, growth does not come from the flat roads, but from the hills, peaks and rough terrains.” 
— Daphnie Yang, Personal Trainer / Team Challenge Race Coach /
Creator of the HIIT IT! High Intensity Interval Training workout

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CBS Interview
Nikki MacCallum, a comedian from Hamilton, Mass., released a memoir about how her father’s alcoholism led her to the Providence Marathon. She hopes her book helps other people struggling with addiction.
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